Wake Up! Europe

A few months ago in Melmo Sweden, when violent demonstrators smashed windows of police vehicles, destroyed property and screamed for the blood of Israeli tennis players, the Swedish authorities allowed this violence as a form of “freedom of speech”.

Once again is it Sweden that continues to be the source of this vile sort of freedom of expression. An article based on alleged findings of research funded by the Swedish government in 2000 has resurfaced because the author was reminded of the issue after reading about organ trafficking scandal in New Jersey involving a local Jewish man. He then went on to claim there must be a connection! (Clearly Jews around the world are connected in this conspiracy)…  There are witnesses to the murder of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers for the purpose of harvesting their organs!

So what?! Some say, so a Swedish tabloid, known for its anti-Israeli positions published a recycled piece of rubbish and buried it in the back pages of its literary or cultural section. Who cares?!

I care and so should you.

Because there are people in the world who still believe there is a world-wide conspiracy of Jews involving the murder of non-Jews. Because there are people in world who believe the word “Jew” equals everything that is wrong and bad. Because there are countries in the Arab world that broadcast movies and TV shows in which Jews slaughter young Muslim boys to use their blood for the Passover Matza (unleavened bread). Because there are countries in the world where people believe that Jews are responsible for 9/11. Because there are countries in the world where people believe Jews are responsible for the black plague or the economy collapsing or handing out poison candy to Palestinian children.

Classic anti-Semitism, now thankfully out of style, has been replaced with vehement anti-Israeli hateful libels. The vilification, dehumanization, de-legitimization of Israel has become the weapon of choice for such people. If in the past the Jew was the scapegoat for the woes of the world today it is Israel. Every publication as this, when left unchallenged, is another blow to the legitimacy of Israel in the international arena. Don’t be confused between this kind of rhetoric and legitimate criticism. Israel, like any other democracy has made its share of mistakes and can be subjected to criticism. This is something else entirely. No country has been the target of such focused rage, diplomatic duplicity, hostile scrutiny and outrageous lies.

The Israeli government made the mistake of asking for an official apology. That won’t happen. An apology implies you did something wrong. No government can be asked to do so (even though the Swedes did do so in the past when faced with Muslim rage over the famous Mohamed cartoons, they even shut down an entire website for the same reason. The Freedom of Expression didn’t seem to hold up then). However, the Swedish government should follow the lead of its ambassador to Israel and condemn the publication. All Israel should demand is that a clear voice be heard in Stockholm against the publication, the lies within it and their implication. Alas, the government still hasn’t learned to ask me before going public with such demands.

Two forces are growing in Europe – a growing, aggressive, combative, radical version of Islam and an odious, malicious, vehement hatred of Israel. The latter may be a reaction to the former, thinking, ‘if the problem of Israel goes away, so will our problems with the Muslim world…’ This post is too short to point out the absolute fallacy and ridiculousness of such a claim.

I fear that these two forces will continue to grow as long as governments, like Sweden, continue to be silent in the face of such lies and deceit and violence.

In my post regarding the event in Melmo, I wrote: (For the full post: http://goldflame.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/19/)

The West too suffers a pathology. A habit of “sitting on the fence”, giving equal weight to both “narratives”, trying to understand the conflict through the narrow prism of the electronic media, forcing a moral equivalency where none exists, the unwillingness to criticize a cultural norm or practice or belief system as such, for a noble yet misguided political correctness – these are all leading to a devastating blow that is yet to come. A day when Westerners will wake up to discover that their world, with all its values, mores, flexibilities, pluralism, rule of law, grace, equality, understanding and compromise – is no longer. Sitting on the fence is not an option any more. Forgiving the violence of radical Islamic groups will lead to more violence. You don’t believe me? ask the citizens of Melmo.

If the governments of Europe do not wake up to reality today, they will wake up to ‘freedom of speech’ that exists in most Muslim countries tomorrow.

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