Settlements Are Not The Problem

Dear President Obama,

Settlements are not the problem.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s been done before –
    1. 1979 – Egypt – Israel withdrew from all of Sinai (again) and dismantled all settlements.
    2. 1994 –  Jordan – Israel re-aligned on the intl. border, land swaps and long term leases were part of treaty
    3. 2000 – Lebanon – Israel re-aligned on intl. border to the last inch. (result: rocket fire and terror attacks from Lebanon by Hizbullah)
    4. 2005 – Gaza  – Israel withdrew from Gaza, dismantled all settlement plus 4 from West Bank risking civil war (result: increased rockets and terror activity from Gaza)
  2. Most of the settlements are political, not ideological
  3. A majority of Israelis are in favor of pulling out of West bank

Of course you can choose to ignore the facts, which everyone seems to do lately. (Somewhere in all the hype, the truth got lost. For example, Jerusalem is not West Bank, and 1600 apartments in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem which everyone agrees will remain part of Israel are not impeding the peace process. You know this).

Fact is – A majority of Israeli will gladly support a Palestinian State in the West bank AND Arab East Jerusalem. On one condition – that the day after the pull-out rocket don’t start flying into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the coastal plains where 70% of Israeli population live.

Can you guarantee a “no rockets into Israel from the West Bank” Mr. President? no, you can’t. And of course, neither can Abbas. And so, the settlements are not the problem, are they? But let’s continue to say they are because it’s an easy unpopular target. Because someone advised you, Mr. President that this is an issue you can press Israel with and not loose points with the American Jewish voters.

Israel needs a strong American government they can trust so that the US can encourage, cajole, and threaten Israel to make concessions. Israel needs a strong American President they can trust so they can capitulate to his pressure. Just like a village elders will force two warring parties to compromise against their wishes but save face. They will do so out of respect to and trust of the village elders who wish to maintain harmony. Right now, Israel doesn’t trust the commander in chief because Mr. President, it seems that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here’s why Israelis don’t trust you:

You can’t promise at AIPAC in 2008 that Jerusalem will remain undivided then steamroll Israel into dividing it.

You can’t demand from Israel to freeze 100% of settlement construction and expect the PA not to jump on the bandwagon and dig in to their positions.

You can’t turn on a bright warm smile to the Arab and Muslim world and turn a cold shoulder to Israel.

You can’t be a beacon of democracy to the world and ignore democracy in Israel.

You can’t humiliate an Israeli PM and expect Israeli to think its just business as usual.

You can’t make the Israelis bleed a little and expect the sharks to hold back.

You see Mr. President, in the Middle East, it’s a Zero Sum Game. You hurt one side to strengthen the other. One side looses the other gains. If Israel is weakened, its enemies strengthen. There is a direct correlation between your hard-line against Israel and the rise in violence and terror activity and rise in anti-Israeli rhetoric in the region. 35 rockets and 8 mortars were fired this month into Israel from Gaza. People were killed on both sides of the fence.

Mr. President, your actions are not promoting harmony but pushing this region closer to war.

4 thoughts on “Settlements Are Not The Problem

  1. There is no question that this nut bar mystery man is not helping in any way, shape or form. It would seem to me that this is deliberate.

  2. obama knows what he is doing and will continue until he has destroyed all that he can.

  3. As he has proved so often,Obama is again out of his political depth,still at the wishful thinking stage, and naive enough to believe his own rhetoric.

    It’s amazing that a President of the U.S. is so obtuse he won’t stand firm behind America’s only ally in the Middle East, and the only operating democracy in the region.

    Perhaps he’s ideologically opposed to the existence of Israel as some of his more rabid critics claim.

  4. Lose. Opposite of win.
    Loose. Opposite of tight.
    With all due respect.
    I agree with all you said.

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