About Travel Trailer Israel

What is Travel Trailer Israel

What is Travel Trailer Israel

Travel Trailer Israel is a video preview to Israel, showcasing the most popular and important sites around the country and giving you, the traveler, the visual information you need to make informed decisions.

For many people, traveling to the Holy Land, a land whose history has been at the foundation of Western civilization, is a life-long dream. Its historical and religious sites are familiar to Bible readers and news of Israel is often a standard item in various media outlets. Yet, though it is as easy as getting on a plane, many people will choose a different destination for a family trip because the images of Israel are of deserts and conflict. These images are far from the reality of modern-day Israel.

Israel is a land of many climates and landscapes, of archaeological, religious and historical sites. The diversity of sites is matched only by the human landscape and the diversity of peoples from different religions, ethnic groups and national backgrounds.
But one must see it to believe it.
We have created short, informative videos that will help you understand what the fuss is all about and to make sense in the flood of information available to the modern traveler.

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Use Travel Trailer Israel to explore Israel, plan your trip prior to arrival, learn about special sites and find complementary services during your trip. The Travel Trailer Israel App will make the entire trip more enjoyable and tourist friendly. It will offer tools to manage your trip whether you are traveling alone, with your family or as part of a group. It will address different interests, such as religion, archaeology, contemporary (geo-political) issues, Zionist history, food, culture, entertainment, nature and environment. Finally, Travel Trailer Israel will enable recording, sharing and preserving your experience with social media plug-ins and tools.

We are now in the early stages of development. We invite you to enjoy the videos and send us your feedback. More content is curated every day and soon we will launch our mobile app. We invite you to join us at this early stage and be part of the new and exciting world of travel trailers.

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