About Uri Goldflam

About Uri Goldflam

Uri Goldflam is the visionary founder and CEO of Travel Trailer Israel.

Born in Jerusalem and raised in South Africa, the U.S. and Israel, Uri Goldflam has been working in the field of Israel education, and educational tourism for the past 26 years in various positions in Israel and abroad.
“Showcasing Israel and traveling through the country is my passion” Uri has said many times to visitors from abroad. And with his deep knowledge of the Land, its biblical and contemporary history, it certainly shows. Uri works as a Tour Guide, popular lecturer and educational consultant with a wide range of local and visiting groups. Throughout his career, as a guide, counselor or manager, Uri has shown deep commitment to Israel, its history, people and landscape.

“visiting Israel for people of faith is not just another vacation, it’s a journey of a lifetime that strengthens the very core of their identity. The Bible comes to life, history becomes reality and the incredible complexity of Israel is more easily understood”.

Uri Goldflam.

Uri founded Travel Trailer Israel with the understanding that the enormous gap between the perception and the reality of Israel must be addressed in order to break the barriers that prevent most people from traveling to Israel. Today his dream of bridging the gap in creating the Travel Trailer Israel App is becoming a reality.

Mr. Goldflam is a licensed tour guide, holds a BA in International Relations and Judaic studies and an MA in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem specializing in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.
Uri served in the IDF as a combat platoon sergeant in a paratrooper unit, and continued to serve in the IDF’s Paratrooper Reserves for 20 years. He is father of 3 and has recently completed a 5 year term as an elected member of Tzur Hadassah town council where they live, in the Jerusalem Mountains.

“Uri is a master teacher and tour guide, and we are excited to stand alongside him as he executes on this next phase of TTI. We decided to make a significant investment in his vision, and believe in the coming years this technological platform, combined with Uri’s personal touch will transform customer demand and the level of service detail that tour operators offer”

David Dishaw, Managing Member of TTI Investors.

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