exposing the lie – building in Jerusalem

the area in question is in northern jerusalem (not east). an existing neighborhood that need to add a new development. (ultra orthodox jews, lots of kids getting married at young age etc.). the area designated to be built is between the existing neighborhood and another Jewish neighborhood. it isn’t anywhere near an arab development of neighborhood or village. but thats only half the issue.
jerusalem is israels largest city. 750,000 people live there. of them, about 550,000 are jewish.
300,000 Jews live in neighborhoods constructed post 1967 is areas that used to be Jordan (not necessarily in what the Jordanians called “Jerusalem”. since israel enlarged the municipal boundaries of the city after 1967).
so the demand by the Americans (and the rest of the world) and the PA is to cease all building activity in those areas where 300,000 people live.
can you imagine a city of 300,000 people that are not allowed to build a new school? a new apartment block? to add a room to someones house? ALL israeli government have built in jerusalem. this demand is so unrealistic and detached from reality it begs the question – what is the Obama administration up to? are they trying to force israel to its knees? bring down a democratically elected government?
people have a misconception about Jerusalem. does the PM need to sit on every zoning committee meeting? rediculous.
moreover – there is an inherent imbalance to the demand – while arabs can buy homes and live in all  of the city, (i.e. arabs can buy homes in Jewish neighborhood and no one would dare prohibit this for fear of racism) Jews are forbiden to do so in Arab neighborhoods. why the double standard?

this of course does not change the fact that the decision to publicize the zoning decision while the American VP was visiting is nothing short of moronic. a truly spectacularly stupid display of poor judgment and lack of political sensitivity. Eli Yishai, the minister of interior from Shas should have resigned. but of course that will require accountability, a word that doesnt exist in Hebrew (really).

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  1. Uri, you may have missed this 6 year anniversary…


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    1. ah, yes, the dear ol’ sheik… can you imagine when he got to the pearly gates and was told… ahm, sorry ol’ boy, but you were on the wrong side…

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