exposing the unholly alliance

A friend of mine recently pointed out a small article published on Yahoo about the Israeli ministry of communications ban on the import of ipad due to a suspected wi-fi frequency variance. Since the ipad is only manufactured for the American market it did not meet the European and Israeli standard. The ban has been lifted today but that’s not the story I find interesting. It’s the 786 talk-backs on this little seemingly insignificant article I want to talk about. The comments carry the usual hatful and extreme language against Israel and the usual responses. 786.

What will Israel-Haters do if and when the Israelis and Palestinians sign a peace treaty? Seriously. When someone or something is so irredeemably evil – it can only be met with destruction. To these people, Israel is not a potential peace partner or even a respected rival. It is but a target.

What is emerging on campuses in North America and in the ultra-liberal politically correct public discourse is an unholy alliance between radicals. This combination can sometimes be comical, for example: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (Really? Have you been to Tel Aviv?) marching together with Muslim radicals who abide by Sharia law. Thankfully the city of Toronto is showing a great deal of common sense in this matter. There is no need to explain the absurdity of this match. Comedy aside it is also dangerous. These voices are not pro-peace, they are not even pro-Palestinian. They are anti-Israeli and anti-Peace. All good people who support peace must disassociate with these groups.

In another post I wrote regarding events in Europe:

The West suffers a pathology. A habit of “sitting on the fence”, giving equal weight to both “narratives”, trying to understand the conflict through the narrow prism of the electronic media, forcing a moral equivalency where none exists, the unwillingness to criticize a cultural norm or practice or belief system as such, for a noble yet misguided political correctness – these are all leading to a devastating blow that is yet to come. A day when Westerners will wake up to discover that their world, with all its values, mores, flexibilities, pluralism, rule of law, grace, equality, understanding and compromise – is no longer. Sitting on the fence is not an option any more. Forgiving the violence of radical Islamic groups will lead to more violence.

As ‘South Park’ writers learned recently, that day is closer at hand and, it seems, crossed the ocean. .

It must be stopped. Because (quoting from Jon Stewart, yes, I know…) “Revolution Muslim, your type of hatred and intolerance – that’s the enemy”.

It is the same hatred and intolerance you will find on campuses demonstrating in rage against Israel. They are not calling for a negotiated fair and just solution. They are calling for destruction.

My favorite quote from Edmund Burk: “When bad men combine, the good must associate, else they fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle” – or, in other words – For evil to prevail good people need only to remain silent. Where there is silence, darkness and evil will prevail.

What can you do?

Be a candle in a dark room. Don’t remain silent. Support reason and common sense. And if you have friends who are ‘sitting on the fence’ ask to come over to the right side of history.

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