Gaza operation July 2014

Dear friends,
The IDF has announced a beginning of a ground invasion of Gaza. We did not want this war. We did not choose it. Quite the contrary. Following hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli towns, cities and villages, after accepting a ceasefire (twice) that was rejected by Hamas with renewed rocket launches, after two thwarted attempts by Hamas commandos to attack Israeli villages by sea and by underground tunnels, we are left with little choice.
We are faced with an evil foe. One that cares not for the lives of its own people, deliberately placing innocent civilians in harms way, cynically hoping, expecting them to be killed by Israeli fire.
We face a cowardly foe. One that hides among women and children. Firing rockets from mosques and children’s playgrounds, that hides weapons, ammunition and rockets in schools and residential homes.
Hamas is not “resisting” occupation, they are not fighting for a better life for the Palestinians. They could have had prosperity and well-being 9 years ago when Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip. They chose misery over hope, death over life.
They fight for one reason and one reason only. Hamas clearly state: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (Hamas Charter).
We did not want this war. Yet we have no choice but to defend our lives and the lives of our children.
Hamas will not defeat us. The ultimate victory for Hamas is a condemnation of Israel in the international community, furthering Israel’s isolation and delegitimization.
You can help keeping that prize out of reach. Share this with your friends. Write your political representative. Make the voice of good be heard loud and clear: We stand with good against evil. For “When bad men combine, the good MUST associate. Else, they will fall, one by one, a pitiful sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” (Edmond Burke). In other words – for evil to prevail, good people must remain silent. Don’t be silent.
Please join me in prayer for the safe return of all our soldiers.
please share.

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