Uri Goldflam – Bio

About Uri Goldflam

Uri Goldflam is an expert on the geography, history, and the ancient religions that transect the Holy Land. Born in Jerusalem, Uri was raised in the United States and Israel. He earned his undergraduate degree in International Relations and Judaic Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Equally engaging and informative, Uri brings a professor’s knowledge to his presentations as he addresses and explains the armed conflict that currently dominate Israel, international news, and the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Uri works as a scholar-in-residence and licensed guide to a variety of groups and delegations including, Churches, families, prime ministers, members of congress and senior executives. During his career Uri held positions as the Director of the intl. school at the prestigious Riechman University, as well as development positions in major Israeli NGO’s. Serving as a combat platoon sergeant in a paratrooper unit, Goldflam remained in the IDF’s Paratrooper Reserves for over 20 years. He also served as an elected member of the Tzur Hadassah town council where he resides with this family in the mountains outside of Jerusalem.

With the outbreak of the War on Oct. 7th it became clear that the tourism industry has also suffered a death blow. On October 8th Uri began planning his first speaking tour. Since then, he has undertaken 2 successful speaking tours in Canada and the US and is now planning the third this spring. Uri’s presentation offers an educational perspective on Israel, providing knowledge and tools that foster informed discourse, in a time when misinformation seems pervasive across academic, political, media, and social platforms. The next speaking tour is tailored for members of faith communities, business leaders, and students alike, aiming to demystify the complexities surrounding Israel. It offers insights that transcend headlines and stereotypes. The objective is to cultivate a space for learning, dialogue, and understanding, empowering audiences to develop their own informed perspectives on this region that now has far-reaching effects into their own backyard.

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